Sunday, July 23, 2006

Shiny Moment - Textured papers

Here is a collage I made with a variety of handmade papers I created with different texturing methods.
The wings of the bird are from this method below shown by one of my summer art camps held early in July.

Take out these supplies:
Cardstock paper
Prang or other highly concentrated watercolor paints
Roll of plastic wrap
Two containers of water
Soft watercolor brushes
Newspaper to cover the surface of the workspace

1.First paint the entire surface of the cardstock paper with clear water to make it wet. Save this water for just wetting the papers.

2.Then paint the surface of the paper with color. Make sure you have a lot of paint on your brushes - go all the way to the edges of the paper with color. Play music while you are doing this to enjoy the brush strokes more! (we listened to the sound track of Amalie whilst painting these)

3.Cut off a piece of plastic wrap the same size as the painting paper and put down into the wet paint.

4.All hands on deck! Tickle the plastic wrap into wrinkly shapes.
(Make another one and flip it on top of the plastic wrap so you have a sandwich of painted paper, plastic wrap and painted paper.)

5.Make a bunch of them in all your favorite colors and then make two in your least favorite colors. Make sure you have some in black and brown too!

6.Let them dry overnight .... don't peek at them until they are dry the next day.
Then, if you can stand it ... cut them into the shapes which you see in the beautiful papers you have made. Make a collage, a card or what have you?

There are so many different things which you can do with textured papers, I am sure you will think up something... let me know!


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